Did People Really Live Over 900 Years?

Answers In Genesis has posted this article in response to this question.  Read the article and tell me what you think.


John Calvin On Those Who Claim Men Have Free Will

But those who, while they profess to be the disciples of Christ, still seek for free-will in man, notwithstanding of his being lost and drowned in spiritual destruction, labour under manifold delusion, making a heterogeneous mixture of inspired doctrine and philosophical opinions, and so erring as to both.  [Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin, translated by Henry Beveridge; Book 1, Chapter 15, Section 8]

I struggled with the issue of free will for a time.  I was only able to get past it once I began to grasp the concept of total depravity.  Once I began to understand how our depravity affects all that we are, the free will issue came into perspective for me.

Do you struggle with the issue of free will?  How did you get past it (if you have)?