John Piper On How To Test (Evaluate) A Revival

Our test for every Lakeland that comes along should first be doctrinal and expositional. Is this awakening carried along by a “love for the truth” and a passion to hear the whole counsel of God proclaimed?

Can it be any clearer than that?  This quote was at the end of an article posted on his site called “Test Revival with Doctrine”.  You can read the entire post here.

Piper also says:

“True revival will be accompanied by brokenness, humility, reverence and repentance—not the arrogance, showmanship and empty hype that often was on display in Lakeland.”

Tell us what you really think John.  Do you agree with Piper’s comments?  If not, why?  How does the Lakeland Revival measure up?   I think it falls seriously short.


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