Comparison of Senator McCain’s and Senator Obama’s Tax Plans

This article gives a nice side by side comparison of the two candidate’s tax plans.


5 Responses to Comparison of Senator McCain’s and Senator Obama’s Tax Plans

  1. Burr Deming says:

    Pretty good camparative analysis. Thanks.

    I do wish you would expand the discussion of McCain’s plan to tax the health benefits of working folks.


  2. Robert says:

    BTW, Tom, have you made up your mind yet as to who gets your vote? As much as I preach about truly voting one’s conscience, I believe I will do that & let the chips fall where they may.



  3. Tom says:

    Still not decided. Still considering the Constitution Party candidate. I know McCain has begun to sound very conservative in his appearances lately but I still don’t trust him. I think he has decided to say what he needs to to get elected and I am afraid once he gets elected then the old McCain will return.

    Having said that, of the two (Obama & McCain) I hope McCain wins. McCain is a much better alternative than Obama. But that is a relative statement. The best scenario, in my opinion, is for McCain to win and there be a 4 year stalemate in Washington. For this to happen, McCain’s stubborn arrogance will need to come out and he will fight with Congress for the next 4 years and no new laws get passed.


  4. McCain and Obama are doing what they can to get the most votes. You’re right not trusting everything McCain is saying right now, and take a look at what his history is.

    I really would love a huge swath of people not to vote GOP or Dem, but the unique situation of this election may mean it’s one of the worst elections to hope for such a result.


  5. Re: gridlock. Would like it as well, but would prefer Obama presidency and GOP congress. As America weakens, it seems Obama’s the better option for fostering improved international relations. For reasons starting with, yes, his skin color. The world’s filled with humans (and all humans subconsciously prefer someone who looks more like them) while whites seem to like him well enough.


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