James Dobson Says He Could “Pull Lever” For McCain-Palin Ticket

As many of you know, James Dobson stated publically some time ago that he would not be voting for McCain.  A lot has happened since then and Dobson is (or has) reconsidered.  Today, he was interviewed on the Dennis Prager Show and he said that he could vote for McCain now.  Click here to read the article.

I respect Dobson very much and I don’t plan to vote for McCain simply because Dobson will but it does give me something more to think about.  In fact, I am still planning to vote third party….unless I change my mind.   Does Dobson’s change of heart influence you? What do you think about the selection of Palin?  Will she help or hurt McCain’s chances?


2 Responses to James Dobson Says He Could “Pull Lever” For McCain-Palin Ticket

  1. l3rucewayne says:

    Dobson’s change doesn’t mean much to me as I don’t listen to him, in part because I don’t even know what station he is on or when locally. I’ve felt caffinated since hearing about the surprise pick of Palin, I expect a decent jump in the polls for McCain within the next couple of days. A help I think, though I worry that she might not do well in the debate with Biden, which may turn out to be watched by more viewers now that we have such an interesting running mate for McCain.


  2. Scott says:

    I have changed my vote but not because of Dobson.

    I will be now be voting FOR something instead of AGAINST something.

    Gov. Palin will be getting my vote for Vice President and as part of that vote her running mate will also be getting my vote for President.


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