Democratic Party Corruption Rears Its Ugly Head In Tennessee

Did the title catch your eye? Sadly, it is a true representation of what is happening.  Click here to read more.

In the democratic State Senate primary election for the 22nd district the party establishment has overturned the results.  Incumbent State Senator Rosalind Kurita defeated challenger Tim Barnes by a mere 19 votes.  The results were certified by the Election Commission.  That should have been the end of the story.

The Tennessee Democratic Party had other ideas.  It invalidated the election and overturned the will of the people.  It then appointed Barnes to be the nominee to run in the general election.  Now, you might ask what happened that would cause such an action and that would be a valid question.  The Tennessee Democratic Party said that Republicans voted in the Democratic primary for Kurita so they could not allow her to win.

You must understand that in Tennessee we have open primaries which means that you can vote in either primary you wish.  But this is not the real reason why the Democratic Party overturned the will of the people.  The real reason is that the Democratic party was punishing Kurita because she chose to vote for a Republican for Lieutenant Governor.  She was the only democrat to do so and as a result the republican won.  He defeated the incumbent Lieutenant Governor who had held the position for approximately 30 years

This is how the democratic party operates in Tennessee.  Does it operate in a similar manner where you are?


One Response to Democratic Party Corruption Rears Its Ugly Head In Tennessee

  1. Washington, DC—During a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee today, U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) stressed that any bailout of the auto industry should shield risks to taxpayers and further industry innovation.


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