The Tax Foundation Exposes Errors Made In The VP Debate

If you watched the Vice Presidential Debate you know that both VP candidates talked about taxes.  Both tickets are running on providing a tax cut.  Who gets it depends on the candidate and their plan.  It can get complicated.  I don’t pretend to understand all of the details on how each proposed plan will work but since it affects me (and you) directly, I try.  One of the resources that is a big help to me in keeping up with how things will really work is The Tax Foundation‘s website and blog.

They have posted a list of errors made by both Biden and Palin during the debate concerning tax issues.  Click here to read the article.  It is interesting to see what these mistakes were and to then consider if they were truly mistakes or attempts to mislead the voters.  You will have to look at the list and decide for yourself.


2 Responses to The Tax Foundation Exposes Errors Made In The VP Debate

  1. Brett says:

    I think the Obama campaign is just blowing smoke about this tax cut talk just to neutralize the Republican ticket’s advantage in that area. To have a socialist country, taxes must go up for everyone and Obama/Biden know that and will act accordingly, using the economic crisis as an excuse to cover over their campaign promises: “Our original plan was to cut taxes for the middle class, but the economic crisis has changed the picture….we have no choice but to raise taxes” Yada, yada, yada.


  2. Tom Shelton says:

    I think you are correct. I think Obama will use the same tactic Clinton did when he got elected. Clinton had campaigned on giving a tax cut to people but in the first week or so of his first term he came out and said “I have worked harder than I have ever worked and I can’t give you tax cut because the republicans lied to me.” Then he proceeded to give us the biggest tax increase in history (to that point in time).

    A second point, once you have “socialized” the financial industry as we have not done…it is only a matter of time until the rest of the economy MUST follow.


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