Obama’s Tax Plan Explained So Everyone Can Understand It

If you have ever wondered exactly what happens when taxes are increased on the businesses in our country this video will explain it.  Business pay NO taxes.  Let me say that again so you can grasp it.  Business pay NO taxes.  Now you are probably saying “of course they do, they file tax returns don’t they”.  Yes, they do but businesses only collect taxes and remit them.  Taxes are simply a cost of doing business.  When they go up a business has a couple choices, 1) it can absorb the increased cost and survive on less profit, 2) it can cut costs somewhere else to offset the increase in the taxes, or 3) it has to increase the price it charges on the goods or services it produces.  

Most business are not able to absorb the increased cost so they have to pass the cost along to others.  They do this by cutting costs in another area or by increasing their prices (or both).  If they choose to cut costs, their are two areas where this will fall – employees or suppliers.  The business will negotiate a cheaper price from its suppliers, thus passing the increased taxes on to the suppliers (where they cycle continues and is compounded), or the business will cut labor costs (meaning layoffs or salary cuts), thus passing the increased taxes on to their employees.  

ALL TAXES ARE ULTIMATELY PAID BY INDIVIDUALS.  This is basic economics.  When Obama says that he is going to increase taxes on businesses and wealthy people he either does not understand basic economics or he is hoping  that we don’t.  Either way, he is not someone we need as President.  Watch the short video, it explains this well.



9 Responses to Obama’s Tax Plan Explained So Everyone Can Understand It

  1. l3rucewayne says:

    Great video! I think I’ll swipe it and put it up on my blog soon.


  2. krystal says:

    Um, yes, business owners DO pay taxes…high property taxes AND they pay income tax on a higher scale because of the business’ income.
    Stop spouting your **** [EDITED BY TOM] and trying to spread the hysteria.


  3. Tom Shelton says:


    Watch your language or keep your comments to yourself. I will not tolerate inappropriate language on this blog.

    Now, to your comment. You obviously don’t understand basic economics. Business owners do “pay” taxes in many forms but taxes are simply a cost of doing business. They build that cost into the prices they charge or the number of employees they hire. In so do, they pass these taxes (income, payroll, property, etc.) on to other businesses or individuals. So it is true that business pay taxes in that they collect and remit them to the various taxing authorities. But, in REALITY, ALL taxes are paid by individuals.

    This is not hysteria, this is how our system works. Open your eyes and you will see. Then you can consider what Obama’s tax plan will do to our economy.


  4. Tacitus says:

    In the case of subchapter C corporations the organization itself pays a corporate income tax and the owners who receive dividends get to pax taxes on the organization’s post-tax income. I guess in that case the individuals who own the corporation get to pay tax twice 😉

    But yes, I agree entirely with your premise here – Obama wants to make it appear as though some faceless super-rich entities that are out there doing no good for our society are going to be the ones who pay for all of these great social programs, but anyone who believes that misses the point – all taxes are ultimately felt by all citizens regardless of socioeconomic status. Even the 40% of Americans who don’t pay taxes feel it in terms of higher prices on consumer goods.


  5. Greg Toombs says:

    And of course it all makes perfect sense with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet saying Obamanomics is the greatest thing since slcied bread.

    How do they square that circle?


  6. Tacitus says:


    I’ve wondered this too. I’ve chalked this up to “being successful in businessman isn’t the same as being a successful economist.”

    Also, I’d imagine when you’re as wealthy as those two are you have to worry about being painted as another Cornelius Vanderbilt or Andrew Carnegie – might be tough for guys who are that wealthy to withstand the attacks against them for being so successful. It’s pretty perverted that successful people are cowed into being ashamed of themselves… for being successful.


  7. Tom Shelton says:


    Yes, C corps do have to file a tax return and pay taxes. And owners of C corps are subject to double taxation. Those are facts. But it is also a fact that those corporations pass along the taxes they pay to their customers (via increased costs) or their employees (via less employees or lower wages) as a cost of doing business.


  8. Tom Shelton says:


    I agree. I can’t understand why successful people should be punished for being successful. Seems contrary to the American Dream.


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