James MacDonald: The “End Game” Of Preaching

In this short video (only about 2 minutes), James MacDonald discusses the end game of preaching.  Basically, he says that the end game should be to give people a high view of Scripture so that people will want to dig into the Word and become self-feeders.

What do you think?  Agree or disagree?


One Response to James MacDonald: The “End Game” Of Preaching

  1. I think there could be a lot of worse reasons to preach. I think we do need to be called to a high view of scripture and to a desire to read scripture for ourselves. It was written for the common man, not the clergy and we should feed on it daily,

    I also think, though, that the preacher’s job is to lift up Christ first. Yes, he’s found in scripture, but the truth is that even when I’ve spent a lot of time reading my Bible I’ve gotten off track. God leaves us with not only the Bible but with shepherds. We can’t live by the word alone. It is not good for man to be alone. We live in community and we are called to rebuke and encourage one another. We do this with scripture. Sure. But while I love this fellows take on his calling to teach his people to read the Bible for themselves, I don’t want him to forget that we will always need one another–we will always need to speak scripture to one another.


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