Obama’s Plans Refuted In “Wizard of Id” Cartoon


Is that question above his pay-grade also?


John MacArthur & Jeff Noblit Teaching Through Ephesians Via Podcasts

It is awesome to live in a day where we have so many great preachers available to us no matter where we live.  Through the use of the internet and podcasts we can hear just about any preacher that we desire to.  John MacArthur and Jeff Noblit are two of my favorites to listen to.  I listen to both via podcast.  Currently both are teaching through the book of Ephesians.  I don’t know when the sermons were originally delivered but they are being released now.  I use iTunes to subscribe to these (and many others).  Ephesians is on of my favorite books and so far I have not been disappointed by either series.  If you are interesed you can listen to them as well.  Click here to subscribe to MacArthur’s podcasts and click here to subscribe to Noblit’s podcasts.