How Planned Parenthood Operates

This really gets me upset.  I should not be surprised but I am.  People like this should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Facilitating the murder of unborn babies is beyond reproach.  Watch the video and judge for your self.

Before you accuse me of the N=1 logical fallacy, I know that the actions of one person don’t mean that everyone does this type of thing.  But, there are simply too many reports of this type of behavior from Planned Parenthood employees to think that they are not taught this type of thing.  If Planned Parenthood truly wanted these things to end in their organization they would take real steps to see that it is done.

Agree or disagree?

Source:  Washington Times


3 Responses to How Planned Parenthood Operates

  1. Dave Williams says:



  2. That’s foul. They mention there are other videos in the future…should be interesting.

    It’s a bit far to say Planned Parenthood is advocating it, though. There could be any number of reasons: bad apples, poor training, organizational incompetence, etc.


    • Tom Shelton says:


      If this was the only time I had heard of something like this or even just one of a few instances, I would probably agree with you. The problem is that it is not one of a few isolated instances. It happens all the time. It is the culture of Planned Parenthood. The people who work there are simply pushing their agenda (I don’t have a problem with that because I do the same thing, the difference is that I think they are wrong). Sadly, this sometimes affects kids who don’t know any better and who should be discussing their life situations with their parents.


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