Getting Back On Track

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Don't you agree?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Don't you agree?

Fifteen Pro-Life Truths

Here is a good list of talking points for the next time you get into a discussion with a child sacrifice advocate.  They are written by John Piper and posted at Desiring God.

How To Stump A Pro-abortionist With One Question

For the last two days WordPress has listed this post as it Hawt Post on its home page.  For any true pro-life person the question posed is no trouble to answer.

In a spirit of fun and fairness, I want to share with you the one question you can use to stump a pro-child sacrifice pro-murder pro-abortionist every time.  The question is:

When does life begin?

That is it.  When you ask them this they will begin the verbal dancing as they try to avoid answering the question.  Any answer they give, other than at conception,  will be arbitrary and will leave them open to follow up questions which they don’t want to answer.  The most notable recent example is when Obama tried to answer the question at Rick Warren’s candidate forum held during the presidential election last fall.

If you have asked this question to those who support murdering unborn babies, share their responses in the comment section.  If not, don’t forget the question so that you can ask it the next time you get a chance.

———————UPDATED ADDED1/23/09—————————

It seems that many in the comments have been trying to make the point that life begins at birth.  We are told that “everyone” believes that way and that it is just “common sense“.  You should know that not everyone believes this.  In fact, our own laws concerning murder show this.  In our country today, if a pregnant woman is murdered the person committing the murder is charged with two murders, not one.  If the unborn baby were simply a “clump of cells” then there would be no basis for this.  So it seems that even our government, through our law-makers, recognize that life begins before birth.  To my knowledge no stage of pregnancy is mention in these laws so it would seem that our law-makers believe that life begins at conception.  Sadly, this laws seems to exempt mothers and abortion doctors.  We need to correct that.

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Islam: A Religion Of Peace, Another Example

In a story covered by the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), the Egypt for Christ ministry reports that police officers sexually assaulted Samuel both at the National Security office in Heliopolis and at the El-Nozha police station. In a continued attempt to force her return to Islam, police also beat and tortured Samuel. According to AINA, Samuel’s children, aged four and two years old, are being denied food to increase pressure on Samuel. Her husband has been taken to the National Security office in Alexandria. [Click here to read the full article]

What can you say to something like this?  A convert from Islam to Christianity is raped, tortured, and food is withheld from her small children in order to force her to deny Christ and revert back to Islam.  The story also mentions that her own family has tried to murder her because of her conversion to Christianity.

This is not an isolated or uncommon event.  Things like this happen all the time in Muslim dominated countries.  Does Islam appear to be a “religion of peace” to you?  Pray that God would eradicate such things and He would be glorified.

One more thing, do you realize that many make the claim that Muslims and Christians worship the same God?  Do actions like this seem compatible with what the God of the Bible teaches us?  NO!!!  Don’t be fooled by those who make such nonsense claims.  Examine the attributes and teachings of the god of Islam and the One True God and you will see that they are NOT the same.

Calvin: Free Will Combined With Divine Grace Is Corruption

“We must, therefore, remember what we quoted from Augustine, that some men labor in vain to find in the human will some good quality properly belonging to it. Any intermixture which men attempt to make by conjoining the effort of their own will with divine grace is corruption, just as when unwholesome and muddy water is used to dilute wine.”   [Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin, Translated by Henry Beveridge, Book Two, Chapter 5, Section 15]

The illustration Calvin used in the above quote is very powerful.  It clearly explains what would happen if God’s election had to be combined with our free will choice to accomplish our salvation.  Anytime you combine something that is pure with something that is not pure, the end product is no longer pure.  It is impossible for the pure to remain pure.  God’s election is pure, our will is impure (totally depraved).  So, we can now see that God’s election cannot be combined in any way with our will (even in the most minuscule amount) to accomplish our salvation.  This means that if we have to cooperate (accept the free gift, seek Him, give our lives to Him, ask Him into our heart, etc.) with God in accomplishing our salvation then we cannot be saved.

Libertarian free will is a hot button issue today.  It is the first objection usually posed against reformed theology.  Do we have free will?  If so, in what measure?  If not, are we robots?  Proponents of libertarian free will are very dedicated to it.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to change their mind….only the truth of God’s word can do it.

What do you think if Calvin’s illustration?