Fifteen Pro-Life Truths

Here is a good list of talking points for the next time you get into a discussion with a child sacrifice advocate.  They are written by John Piper and posted at Desiring God.


4 Responses to Fifteen Pro-Life Truths

  1. rogeriopfm says:

    Saying that what someone has written based on his fallible human knowledge is “truth” is kind of arrogant, don’t you think?
    You can at least be more modest and refer to them as his view/opinion, not a law that came from “above” and went through a human being and everyone accepts without question, don’t you agree?
    Science has done more for life (as well as death if misused) than any other thinking pattern. Examples? the food you eat, everything you dress, your shelter, your education system, even the mass production producing bibles has depended to some extent to someone having used the scientific method. Give some more credit and some more respect to what really has and can save/improve your life (if used intentionally for human benefit).
    I am trying to be reasonable saying that science can be misused, but so can religion as history shows


    • Tom Shelton says:


      Anything coming from God is TRUTH because he is TRUTH. This is a basic tenant of Christianity. It is true that our understanding can be flawed because we are flawed but that does not in any way negate the truthfulness of what God says. It should be our goal always to get the proper understanding of what He has given to us through His revelation (the Bible).

      Question for you. Where did science come from? Who invented it? What is its purpose? These questions cannot be answered without reference to God and His creation. Think about that for a bit.


      • rogeriopfm says:

        Science came from human curiosity.
        Men invented it.
        Science’s purpose is an instrument of man’s will and acts as his body of knowledge.
        It is not inherently good nor evil.
        Has the potential of promoting a sustainable life for human beings.
        Not even one reference to something supernatural.
        Think about it


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