What is the Meaning of Life?

This question is answered by R.K. McGregor Wright in his book No Place for Sovereignty: What’s Wrong with Freewill Theism. He says

Since we are creatures, our meaning originates in the eternal intention of God for his creation. No finite thing has any meaning apart from its place in God’s plan. (p. 75-76)

This is the biblical response to the persistent question “What is the meaning of life?” The meaning of everything is logically identical to God’s intention for it. (p. 76)

Simple.  Don’t you think?  I have addressed this question before (here).  My answer in that post is still valid because it is basically the same answer that Wright gives.  He just says it better and more concisely than I do.

So, do you agree with Wright’s answer?  Why?


One Response to What is the Meaning of Life?

  1. rogeriopfm says:

    Well, I do agree that it is simple, but someone would expect that the MEANING OF LIFE which is something big and important would have a more beautiful and elegant answer.
    Simply “passing the hot potato of figuring this out to God” or “God’s intention” (which is difficult to know exactly what that is) does not solve this potentially never-ending pursuit mankind has.
    I am yet to be satisfied with an explanation for it


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