Prof. Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System

I recently came across Prof. Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System in this post by Nathan over at Cal.vini.St.  Basically, this system divides the Bible into 10 lists and you read one chapter from each list each day.  Dr. Horner says “The goal of this system is simple, and twofold: To know scripture, and to love and obey God more!

I often become convicted of the fact that I don’t read my Bible enough.  I am reading it almost on a daily basis (most of the time) but often it is not just to read it.  I am usually preparing for a class that I am teaching.  There is an abundance of Bible reading systems available and I have tried some of them before.  I have never stuck with one for very long because I get bored with the system and want some variety.  Also, sometimes I get distracted with reading other books and spend all (or most)  my available reading time on them.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think it is wrong to read other books as long as you are not reading something inappropriate.

So, I have decided give Prof. Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System a try.  I just completed Day 5.  I can so that so far it has gone well.  I can recommend that you give it a try.  Dr. Horner also has a Facebook page where you can also check out the system and read comments by people who are using the system.

If you give it a try, let me know how it works for you.


6 Responses to Prof. Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System


    Pls add me to your email list


  2. I will give it a try….i just came across it today and think it should be wonderful


  3. Ken Wilson says:

    Looks like an interesting approach. I did read one comment elsewhere which suggested moving Romans to List 10 (adding to Acts). This increases the frequency of Romans for each complete program cycle. Seems like a reasonable idea given the pivotal nature of Romans. It would be useful to know why Dr. Horner created the contents of each list the way they are.


  4. Tony says:

    I started using it 3 days ago and timed my reading today out of curiosity and it came in just under 20 mins for 10 chapters across a broad spectrum of scripture. I love it for this very reason and I agree with Ken about the Romans/Acts combination – the gospel explained/the gospel proclaimed. A great combo.

    I use the iPhone4 app ReadingPlan which makes it so each to monitor progress.


    • Tom Shelton says:

      I have been using this system for almost 2 years now and I love it. I have modified it for my own preferences. I have moved Romans to list 10 by itself. I have also modified several of the other lists so that I complete the longest one in 189 days.

      Let me encourage you to keep at it. The first couple weeks were the hardest for me. During that time I was trying to figure out when was the best time for me to do the reading and to adjust to the amount of time it took me to complete the reading. Once you make it a daily habit you will be glad you took the time to do it.


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