Some Thoughts on Being a Bible Literalist

In this post, Chris Rosebrough has some suggestions for you if you are ever “accused” of being a Bible literalist.  I personally would consider it a compliment to be accused of this but it is most often meant as a way of labeling someone in a negative way.  Rosebrough says

In short, you should strive to have no opinion of scripture that contradicts or conflicts with Jesus’ view of scripture. When you adopt that position you’ll be in good company. That was exactly the same view of scripture that Jesus’ disciples who later became the Apostles took.

Rosebrough touches on the different genres in Scripture and how each should be read.  He also makes the vital point that when we read the Bible we have to seek the authors original meaning.  Read the article and let me know if you agree or disagree with what Rosebrough says.  For the record, I completely agree with him on this subject.

By the way, if you have never listened to his podcast called Fighting For the Faith let me suggest that you do.  It is very good and you will learn a lot.  I don’t agree with every point he makes but I feel very comfortable suggesting his podcast to others.


One Response to Some Thoughts on Being a Bible Literalist

  1. theoldadam says:

    The BIble is the Word of God, that is true. But Biblicists quite often are content to lift a text out of the Bible.

    We (the brand of centerist Lutheran that I happen to be) would much prefer to lift the gospel out of the text.

    This keeps Christ central and keeps the potential for legalism to a mimimum.


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