Moore’s Response to Reformed Red Flags

Jared Moore has responded to the document that was recently being distributed among West Tennessee churches in order to help them determine if their pastor is a “dirty Calvinist”.  It contained 16 things that churches should look for.  Moore responds to each of the 16 things with some much needed sanity.

There does not have to be a division in the SBC over this issue.  It is my hope that at some point those who are so vocal about their opposition to Reformed Theology in the SBC will realize this.

One Response to Moore’s Response to Reformed Red Flags

  1. Robert Lewis says:

    If I was in a church that chose a new, Calvinist pastor, I’d have to find another church. The pastor has a lot of influence and I wouldn’t want to have to be so disagreeable with him. You are no problem, but I would have a problem with a Calvinist pastor.
    I visited a Church of Christ not too long ago. Understand that it was an in-law’s church and we were visiting them. The pastor, in his sermon, said some things that were absolutely untrue. Sure, that’s how he interpreted the Scripture, but he was just plain wrong. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut, although I know everyone there saw me shaking my head “no”. I’m afraid that’s how it would be if my church had a Calvinist pastor.
    By the same token, thanks to you bringing the whole thing to my attention, if we ever did change churches (for whatever reason), I’d likely want to “interview” the pastor first.


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