The Attack on the Family Continues as Same-Sex Marriage is Legalized in New York

Article first published as The Attack on the Family Continues as Same-Sex Marriage is Legalized in New York on Blogcritics.


Last night same-sex marriage became law in the state of New York when Gov. Cuomo signed the bill. New York became the second state to legalize same-sex marriage through the legislative process (New Hampshire was the first). Four other states have legalized same-sex marriage through the court system. They are Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

As we see the continuation of the attack on the institution of marriage we need to step back and consider the bigger picture.  This is just one battle in the larger attempt to destroy the family unit.  If you have never considered this, take some time to think it through.  The family unit is the basis for modern society.  It has been since God instituted marriage and the family way back in the Garden of Eden.  The family unit is, and always has been, the foundational structure on which all society has been built.  If it is destroyed society will crumble.  Are we not seeing this now in the United States and around the world?

Many will ask how legalizing same-sex marriage can damage the family unit.  Let me take a moment to explain.  The family unit was designed to have several functions such as procreation, religious instruction, societal training, etc.  Each member of a family unit has some specific roles that must be fulfilled in order for society to function at an optimal level.

One of the primary functions of a family unit is that of procreation.  Biology requires a male and a female for procreation.  A same-sex couple can not produce children on their own.  This threatens the very existence of a society or nation.  As the number of same-sex couples increases the number of couples available for procreation decreases and if it decreases enough then the total population will begin to decline as the birth rates do not meet or exceed the death rates.  Same-sex couples by themselves are probably not enough to cause this overall population decline but it is an increasing factor in the equation.

A second function of the family unit is the preparation of children to be solid and productive contributors to society.  This education is best accomplished at home by a loving father and mother.  It is accomplished when children see their parents functioning and interacting with others in their communities and learn to imitate the things they have seen.  Both parents have a vital role in this.  The child does not get the best instruction when the family unit is broken such as in the case of a single-parent family or when both parents are the same sex.  The government-controlled schools have tried to usurp this societal training function from the families and the results have been disastrous (but that is a discussion for a different article).A third function of the family unit is religious training.  Children are a gift from God and parents have a fiduciary responsibility to raise them in accordance with his precepts.  Again, this is best accomplished in a traditional two-parent family in which both the father and the mother complement each other in the instruction of the children.  Proper religious training can be done successfully in a single-parent family but it is not the best option.  It can’t be done in a family in which both parents are the same sex because that situation violates the biblical teachings on homosexuality.Children need both a strong father and mother in order to reach their full potential.  This is the way God designed the family unit to work.  Anything else is at best less than optimal and at worst detrimental to society.  We should always strive for the optimal solution.  As such we can see the damage that same-sex marriage is doing to the family unit and it must be opposed.  To do less is to advocate the destruction of society as we know it.So, what do you think about this issue?  Do you agree with my assessment or not?  Please leave a comment and share you thoughts.


7 Responses to The Attack on the Family Continues as Same-Sex Marriage is Legalized in New York

  1. T.W. Albert says:

    A far more relevant danger to the family unit is divorce. Why don’t Christian bloggers picket divorce court proceedings? The breakup the mother and father is a million times more destructive to a society than the “threat” of extinction through gay sex. Just saying.


    • Tom Shelton says:

      I agree. Divorce is also something that needs to be addressed. The sanctity of marriage needs to be defended on every front.


  2. Alan Kurtz says:

    Tom, since I am blacklisted at, I cannot comment there on the disgraceful reception accorded to your article. However, I write about that situation today at my own blog. You and your readers are cordially invited to check it out.


  3. Tom Shelton says:


    I just read your article. I was not aware of the history you have chronicled. It is eye opening. I was beginning to think that I am the only conservative to write at blogcritics because only those opposed to my articles have commented. I have posted two so far and only the second had anything to do with religion.

    I don’t mind defending my beliefs but I have been discouraged by the personal attacks I have received especially in light of the fact that the comment box explicitly say that personal attacks are not allowed. I have been waiting for a moderator or someone with authority to address the situation but since reading your article and seeing that the commenters to my article are those in charge I guess I will have to realize that nothing will be done. So be it. I do hope that people can see the different approach I take to comments and that of those oppose me.

    Thanks for your consideration in your article.


  4. Re: procreation argument. A large majority of people are heterosexual, and legalization of gay marriage is not going to cause heterosexuals to stop having children. Besides, with 7 billion people on this planet using more and more resources, the importance of having many offspring is minimal. In fact, it could be argued that procreation should be discouraged.

    Since our government is (supposed to be) secular, Biblical edict cannot be taken into account. Without firm evidence (outside of Scripture’s say-so) that gay marriage damages societies, I don’t see how government would have any interest in regulating it. If rigorous scientific studies were able to demonstrate that children are harmed by having gay parents, then maybe there would be something to go on.


  5. William Clark says:

    The only Hate and intolerance i see on these boards are from the homosexuals and their hate for God’s ways and his people who stand by those precepts God has set for all nations and peoples to obey….


  6. Jacob Arminius says:

    Forgive me, but isn’t this all decreed, predestined, and ordained by God? You are a Calvinist, right? Why complain against God? Why oppose what he ordains? Nothing happens without God’s will so why complain about it? Just asking.

    “From this it is easy to conclude how foolish and frail is the support of divine justice afforded by the suggestion that evils come to be not by [God’s] will, but merely by his permission. . . . it is a quite frivolous refuge to say that God permits them, when Scripture shows Him not only willing but the author of them.”

    “For which reason, he (Augustine) also excludes the contingency which depends on human will, maintaining a little further on, in clearer terms, that no cause must be sought for but the will of God. When he uses the term permission, the meaning which he attaches to it will best appear from a single passage (De Trinity. lib. 3 cap. 4), where he proves that the will of God is the supreme and primary cause of all things, because nothing happens without his order or permission (As Augustine defines it). He certainly does not figure God sitting idly in a watch-tower, when he chooses to permit anything. The will which he represents as interposing is, if I may so express it, active.”

    (John Calvin, The Eternal Predestination of God).


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