Free Will Synergism vs. Free Grace Monergism

I originally posted this link back in February 2011.  In light of the recent debate about soteriology in the SBC I thought I would repost it today.


Here is a link to a nice short summary of the difference between the synergistic view and the monergistic view of salvation.  Scripture references are included.  If you are unfamiliar with the difference between the two take five minutes and read this and you will have a better understanding when done.  It is my hope that it may even inspire you to do some more research into the subject.


14 Responses to Free Will Synergism vs. Free Grace Monergism

  1. Carl Hupchick says:

    Nice article Tom. Amen!


    • David Sabo says:

      Hi Carl! I was wondering if your parents’ names are Sonny & Betty Hupchick and you grew up in Monroe, Ct.? If so…you are my cousin! David Sabo, Tucson, Az.


  2. Omar Faruque says:

    NOTE FROM TOM: I deleted your link Omar. If you want to discuss my post I am happy to do so but if all you want to do is try to draw people away from Christianity then I don’t want that on my blog. If you want to discuss some aspect of theology or religion, I welcome that.


  3. Omar Faruque says:

    Tom, I would say deleting my site is really pathetice and act of decisivness. People really need to know the truth waht actually they are believing. You can see I m not critical to only Christianity or Islam, My focus is on so called revelation not the religion. [LINK REMOVED BY TOM]

    would recommend you to read and comment specifically on my site if you dis agree.


    • Tom Shelton says:


      Thanks for visiting my blog. You are welcome to comment here anytime you want. I draw the line though at allowing you to post a link to a site specifically designed to attack the faith of those who might by young or less knowledgeable Christians. As I said in my note in your previous comment, if you want to discuss some aspect of Christianity then we can do that. But please stay on the topic of the original post.


  4. Omar Faruque says:

    You work as a pastor and strictly grew up with a particular vision of life so defering from heretic believes is cannot be unwelcomming. Either way solution may not be appropriate if you believe without free thinking. World is growing faster than our personal believe, so we need to paraphrase our thought. Old thought should go to archive and will replace with ideas, although we meet them there if necessity arise. My new post is visible on this link prove that we don’t actually need religion believing God.

    If you want to talk any aspect of christinity I will be more than happy. I believe Jesus neither the of God or nor a chosen Messaih. he was nothing more tahn an ordinary person. Here is my Email

    feel free to flick me an email for elaborate discussion.



    • Tom Shelton says:


      I am not a pastor. I have been ordained as a deacon and I have taught in many different capacities within the church (youth, adult sunday school, discipleship classes, etc.) I did not grow up in church. My family did not go to church and my parents were not believers. I did start going to church when I was in 7th or 8th grade because my friend invited me but i was going for the activities…not God. I was not saved until I was 26 years old. For several years I did not really grow in spiritual maturity, in fact my commitment ebbed and flowed even though I was active in church the whole time. That all changed about 4 years ago when I began to study theology. I have come to my current beliefs my much study and prayer. So you can’t accuse me of “growing up” with particular beliefs and not thinking.

      The world is changing, I agree. But God is still just as relevant today as He has ever been. He will be just as relevant in the future as He has always been. In rejecting Jesus by saying He was just an “ordinary man” you condemn yourself to an eternity separated from Him. Cry out to God that He may have mercy on your soul and save you from that fate.

      If you belief in God you will worship Him in the manner He tells us to. He sent us Jesus. He raised Jesus from the dead. He tells us to meet together with the purpose of worshiping and praising Him. That is the only true religion and you can’t avoid it if you truly believe in God. Anything else is false and leads people to Hell.


  5. theoldadam says:


    Free grace, all the way!

    Our “free-will” is not the solution…it is THE PROBLEM!



  6. NOthing can be more from the truth! this is what happenes whe people twist the meaning of the scriptures.


  7. Paul Bishop says:

    Answer me this.

    If god created us then he created us with the ability to have our own minds so your statement that freewill is the problem would suggest that god is flawed? If the sole purpose for our creation was to worship this creator then surely he would make himself known to us rather than relying on faith.


  8. Tom Shelton says:


    You said: “If god created us then he created us with the ability to have our own minds so your statement that freewill is the problem would suggest that god is flawed? If the sole purpose for our creation was to worship this creator then surely he would make himself known to us rather than relying on faith.”

    First, your premise about free will is wrong. God is not flawed but we are as a result of Adam’s sin. Adam & Eve were created perfect and when they sin they were then tainted and no longer perfect. They passed that taint on to their descendants (all people). Also as a result of Adam’s sin all people are born in slavery to sin. So, as you can see, we can’t have “freewill”. It is us who have been changed and are now flawed, God is still perfect and Holy.

    Second, how much more could he have done to make himself known to us? What more would you propose he do? After all, he created the world we live in, he created us, he gave us an inborn knowledge that he exists, he (the second person of the trinity) took human form and lived among us in order to reconcile our relationship with him, and he gave us his written word…all of which point to him. Faith is not all we have to go on.


    • Paul Bishop says:

      I would like to explain myself. I don’t want you to think I’m questioning your faith or making christianity out to be fiction. I like to learn and I feel I can only do that if I question everything. The idea interests me.

      If god made them perfect then how could they sin if they never had freewill to begin with? Did we just evolve freewill?!

      You say we were born wiith the knowledge that he exists. Then why do so many people question it? I’m not saying that what he may have done wasn’t generous or epic in task, from what I can gather the bible was created to control us threw fear I see that this is a tactic still used today to control the masses so all I’m wondering is why doesn’t he reassure humanity with a glimpse of himself or his divine brilliance?


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