Human Sacrifice in America

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Bill over at Fisher of Men touches on one of my hot button issues. I usually use the phrase child sacrifice but we are talking about the same topic: ABORTION!! Bill makes the point that there are various forms of human sacrifice practiced today, thats right, TODAY in many religions. We don’t label it as human sacrifice but that is exactly what it is.

Abortion is WRONG! It is MURDER! It is the sacrificing of a baby on the alter of SELF! How bad is it when someone has to die so that we won’t be inconvenienced. Who speaks for the baby? What are it’s rights? Why is it punished for the actions of others?

If you are a pro-sacrifice believer then I urge you to reconsider your position. It will save lives if you do. If you are anti-sacrifice then I urge you to become more vocal about your beliefs. Don’t vote for politicians who support child sacrifice. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who will listen about what is going on and how to get behind stopping it. We will have to answer to God on Judgement Day for how we have dealt with this issue.


Abortion doctors circumvent partial-birth ban by using deadly drugs

 As I read this headline my heart sank.  I was so happy when the Supreme Court upheld the ban on the partial birth abortions.  I was beginning to think that maybe our country was starting to move back in the right direction.  After all, all journeys begin with a single step.  And then this…..

Baptist Press – LIFE DIGEST: Abortion doctors circumvent partial-birth ban by using deadly drugs – News with a Christian Perspective

Those who believe in child sacrifice (others call it abortion) are hard at work trying to see how many innocent babies they can murder.  Why do we continue to allow these things to happen in our country today?  How long will God withhold His anger?  We need to put an end to this barbaric practice in any and all cases.  Then we (all believers) need to fall on our faces before God and beg His forgiveness and mercy for allowing it in the first place.

God will judge us for how we respond to this crisis….REPENT!!!

Pro-Choice AND Pro-Life??

I was glancing at some headlines from Baptist Press News and saw the following headline: Baptist Press – Romney: past pro-choice position ‘mistake’. This post is not about Romney but as I glanced at the article I started thinking about how popular this stance on child sacrifice (abortion) is for politicians today. So many will say something like “I do not personally support abortion but I do support a woman’s right to choose.” Let me be clear – I think this is the position of a spineless jellyfish who does not deserve to be considered for any office whatsoever.

The obvious question then arises as to how someone can support something publicly that they do not support personally. The answer is simple – they are trying to walk the fine line and not anger either side. The reality is that any true pro-life person could never (and should never) vote for a person this gutless. A politician cannot hold two opposing views at the same time. One will always become primary. Does this sound familiar? Does not the Bible teach that you can’t server two masters?

The simple truth is that if a person supports the murder of unborn children at any time for the convenience of the parents or to avoid the consequences of the actions of the parents then that person is pro-choice no matter what they claim to believe personally. These people need to repent. This is a moral issue to me and testifies to the character of the person who tries to put forward this position. Abortion should not be legal in any circumstance.

If you are a Christian then please vote but vote responsibly. Take the time to discover how the candidate you support stands on this very important issue. If he is on the wrong side of it and won’t publicly repent then you need to find someone else to cast your vote for.

That’s my opinion and it is worth exactly what you paid for it.