My Daughter’s Blog

My oldest daughter has started her own blog (click here).   If you are inclined and have a few minutes, check it out.


New Blogging Opportunity

I have been invited, and have agreed, to contribute to a local political blog.  My local newspaper has started a blog called All Politics is Local.  I found it one day when checking out the online version of my paper and saw a link to it.  I visited and found some posts of interest to me.  They were all written from a liberal perspective so I commented on a couple.  Then, I got an email from the author telling me that the paper had been wanting to find someone to contribute to the blog from a conservative perspective to balance out his entries.  He asked me if I would be interested in “going public” with my views.  I thought about it and the more I thought the more fun it sounded.  After exchanging some emails with the author of the posts, he sent an email to the editor of the paper recommending me.  After speaking with the editor, I am now a contributor to the blog.  I will still be blogging here but will be posting some articles there as well.

The blog in very new and I am not a trained writer but I do like to argue politics.  I look forward to the opportunity to share with those who agree with me and with those who don’t.  If you get a change, visit the blog sometime….not much there yet but there will be more soon.

Blog Milestone – 50,000 page views

I have been watching the stats closely lately knowing that this milestone was approaching.  Today it happened.  Some how, some way this blog has been viewed (page views) more than 50,000 times.  The blog is now 17 months old.  My first post was July 3, 2007.  I am humbled by the fact that people would take the time to read, and sometimes comment, on what I have shared here. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog and share your thoughts with me and others.  I have enjoyed blogging more than I anticipated and, as time allows, I plan to continue.

Thanks again.

Homeschooling Report

We are completing our first week of the school year so I thought it would be a good time to give a quick report.  The early indication is that we are going to have a good year.  The kids are excited and enjoying the curriculum we chose.  We are using Switched-On Schoolhouse by Alpha Omega Publications.  This is a computer based curriculum.  Both girls have laptops (used laptops) with headphones so they can change where they do their lessons if they choose.  The curriculum seems to be easy to use.  So far the material covered in each of the modules (Bible, Math, Language Arts, History & Geography, Science) seems to be pretty good.  There is a teacher module which allows us to log in and review all their lessons (completed as well as future).  It allows us to see how they did on the lessons so we can see where they may need some additional work.  It also prepared for us a lesson plan and allows us to modify it if we need to.  It also helps to track our days of attendance.  So far I am impressed with Switched-On Schoolhouse.

We still have a long way to go so it remains to be seen whether or not the school year will continue to go smoothly but I am hopeful.  If you have started yet, how is your year going so far?

To Homeschool or Not?

My wife and I have been discussing whether or not to homeschool next year.  We have homeschooled our daughters in the past but not the last couple years.  Next year we have decided to homeshool again, unless something unforeseen happens between now and then. They will be entering the 6th and 3rd grades.

We have been looking at curriculum again.  We really like the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum (that is what we used before) but the video formats didn’t work well with my daughters.  We have been considering the Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum.  The computer based curriculum should work well with our daughters.  We are also looking at some electives for them.  We will probably use Spanish as one elective (they have many friends who are Mexican immigrants – the kids speak English and Spanish but most of the parents don’t know much English).

Do you homeschool?  If so, what curriculum do you use?  What are its strengths and weaknesses?  Would you recommend it to others?

Elianah turns One

Yesterday was my youngest (of three) daughters first birthday.  As I type this she is napping on my shoulder.  It is amazing to watch as a little one grows.  What is truly amazing is to watch as their personality begins to develop.  To wonder what she will be like.  I can’t help but think about how great a blessing kids are.

Joy Derived From Watching My Daughter Play Softball

I was an athlete when I was a kid. No matter what sport I was playing I really, really enjoyed playing. I know now that it was the competition. I enjoyed the challenge of competing. I hated to lose. I still hate to lose but I deal with it much better now than I did when I was younger.

My daughters have reached ages where they are now beginning to play sports. My 11 year old has not been into sports much but has decided she now wants to play basketball and softball. My 7 year old (turns 8 next month) has played T-ball for a couple years and has moved up to the “minors” this year. Instead of the tee, she will now hit off the pitching machine. Just in case you are curious the machine is set at 35 miles per hour. I am not coaching her this year. I don’t have time to be the head coach but I usually volunteer to be an assistant. I did so again this year but there were already enough assistant coaches. It is killing me not to be able to coach especially since my daughter wants me to but it may be better for her if I don’t this year.

Yesterday I was watching the team practice and a huge wave of joy and pride suddenly hit me. It actually caught me off guard. I have always been proud of my kids but it was something more (for lack of a better description) yesterday. My daughter will not be the best player on her team but nobody will give more effort that she does. I can see how much she enjoys playing.  I also noticed how coachable she has become (she is not that way when I try to work with her). I can’t describe the feelings of joy I had as I was watching her learning how to field grounders (it looks like she is going to be playing third base) and what to do with the ball in the different situations she will encounter in a game. I can see the competitiveness growing in her almost daily.

I know that sports are unimportant in the grand scheme of things but kids can, and do, learn many valuable life lessons from playing sports. There are so many teaching opportunities for parents that arise as a result of kids playing sports that it is well worth the time and money it costs (usually). I try hard to take advantage of those opportunities and it gives me a chance to spend some time with my kids doing some we all enjoy.

My joy is also greatly increased by the fact that I know God is dealing with this same daughter.  It appears it will only be a matter of time before the Lord calls her and she becomes His child.  That is much more important than anything else.  I don’t think I will be able to contain my joy when that happens.   I was unable to contain it when my 11 year old became His child and she loves to tell people about how I cried.

This has reminded me of the fact that children are a gift from God.  The joy and blessings we receive from them far out weighs any hurt or problems we might have from them (check back with me when they hit the teenage years…I might think differently then).   We are to be stewards of the children God gives us by  raising our children in His ways and preparing them for the tasks He is going to give them later in life.  Keep an eternal perspective and you can’t go wrong.

Exceeded 10,000 views today

Today my blog exceeded 10,000 page views.  I am a bit surprised at the speed at which I reached this milestone.  I know that it is not much compared to others but it still humbles me a bit.  I started the blog on 7/3/07 not knowing if I would enjoy it or not.  I must say that I have enjoyed it very much.  I plan to keep it up (as time permits) for the time being and will continue until I no longer have time or no longer enjoy it.

I want to thank those who visit this blog and those who contribute comments.  The interaction is fun and informative. So as we move forward, please feel free to continue to share your thoughts and concerns here and we will all grow closer to our Lord through the process.

My Daughter’s Poetry

My daughter likes to write poetry. She is 11. She wrote a new poem for a contest at school. It is pretty good but I might be a little bit biased. Click here to read her latest creation.

My wife and I have encouraged her to organize her poems and stories into a notebook. She has been watching me using this blog and decided she would like to try her own blog. At first I was against it but while discussing it with my wife she point out that it would be a good outlet for our daughters creativity. Faced with that wisdom, I relented. If you have a moment, check out my daughters poems.

15th Anniversary

My wife and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary today.  I think she now qualifies for sainthood for putting up with me this long.  I was joking with her last night and told her that she is nearing the point that she has so much time and effort invested in me that she can’t afford to get rid of me.