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  1. deborah says:

    Although I work full time, I am homeschooling my son with the help of my 80 year old mother. I am using the basic philosophy of Charlotte Mason who is one of this country’s earliest educators. She advocated for making learning fun and diverse. I am attempting to do that, but some of her minor tenets have fallen by the wayside.

    What concerns me is the attack on homeschooling in California, because it is only a matter of time before the powers that be try to make it illegal in other states. This is a gross infringement on our civil rights and should not be tolerated. Does anyone know what California homeschoolers are doing to fight back?


  2. Tom Shelton says:

    You should check out the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. The website is

    They keep up the the things happening in each state.


  3. Alan says:

    Check out
    I think California homeschoolers are ok for the time being.

    After homeschooling three children who are now either college graduates or in college; I can see why government school proponents are intimidated by homeschooling and the incredible results achieved by this form of education.


  4. tompccs says:

    Do you teach your son alternative viewpoints to Christianity to allow him to choose his own path, or does Christianity instruct otherwise? Is it not your obligation, as a father and as a teacher, to encourage free thought and questioning, or should you teach him the one true path to enlightenment as you see it?


  5. Tom Shelton says:


    I have 3 daughters, no sons. I teach them why alternative viewpoints / religions are wrong. I don’t want them to choose their own path because that will lead them to Hell. I want them to choose the narrow path that will lead them to Heaven. Christ (Christianity) is the only way to find that narrow path. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me.”

    I think it is my “obligation” to teach my children to think like I do. I can’t imagine telling them that it is okay to choose a viewpoint that I believe to be false, and worse will cause them to be eternally separated from God. To be more precise, it is my job to indoctrinate my children instead of letting others (friends, school system, or society) indoctrinate them.

    Hope that is clear enough.


  6. child of god says:

    How old are your daughters? Look out my friend you are in for a ride.

    Your job is to teach your kids how to learn and to be responsible… they’ll never accept your truth if you don’t empower them with choice… and besides, you must know that your faith and certainty about god is a product of your path, not what your parents/culture taught you… and so, you must be willing to grant your daughters the same privilege… and that is to discover their path too.


    • Tom Shelton says:

      My daughters are 12(going on 20), 8, & almost 2. Yes, I am not really looking forward to the “ride”. The teen years will be interesting I am sure.

      I must disagree with what you have said. My job is to teach my daughters to discover God’s path, not their own. God has given them to my wife and I so that we can train them and prepare them for His service. The Bible commands us to train children in the way of the LORD and if we do, we are given assurance that when they are older they will not depart from it.

      I realize that at some point they will have to take ownership of their own responsibility to God. It is my responsibility to prepare them for that. I believe it is a function of my love for them that I must get them prepared. When they reach that point, it is up to them to continue in what I have taught them or reject it. It is my responsibility to give them the proper foundation, the proper biblical perspective, the proper presuppositions through which they will live their lives. I take that responsibility very seriously.


      • child of god says:

        Tom, your strict dogma lacks faith in god and your children… live a good life, share your wisdom, and grant them the respect, love and freedom god gives you… you’re not here now because your dad made it so… god spoke to you and you alone in your truck, remember?… he’ll do the same for your kids and it won’t be through you… if you’re too strict now they may never hear god when that time comes because they’ll be so busy rejecting thoughts from their overbearing dad.


        • Tom Shelton says:

          Why should I put faith in my children? They have a depraved nature that is enslaved by sin unless/until God frees them. My faith is only in God and His promises.

          God will save my children when and if He desires to do so. In the meantime, He has commanded me to raise then in admonition of the LORD. To do less would show I have a lack of love for Him and for them.


          • child of god says:

            OMG! Somebody call civil services… I can’t believe you put that in writing.

            Your poor kids… wife…


            Save yourself… your children are pure love. period. If they’re enslaved at all, it is by you, your fear, and your demons.


          • Rebekka says:

            I agree completely!!! It is our job to train up our children to know His ways. To teach them about God and all that He is and has for them. I think “child of god” is either misunderstanding you…or isn’t a father? He is also right in a way, there does come a time when we need to let go and let them make their own decisions and trust that God will always have His hand on them. Tom, I just don’t agree that there is a “if He desires” when it comes to saving your children…He desires nothing more. It’s their choice! =)


          • Tom Shelton says:


            There is no such thing as choice or free will if God is sovereign. And he is!! The bible does say that God wants everyone to be saved but we know that not everyone is saved so there has to be more to the meaning. It is my hope more than anything that God will save each of my daughters and I trust him to do it….not them. If their salvation depends on a decision they may then they can never have any assurance of their salvation.

            As to them making their own decisions, yes, at some point they will have to be responsible for their own decisions. Until then, I will pray and hope that their mother and I have done an adequate job at equipping them to face the world in which they will be forced to make those decisions. In actuality, it is my hope that even when they are on their own and making their own decisions they will still seek my advice.


  7. Tom Shelton says:

    It appears that you are not familiar with the Biblical doctrine of total depravity. You should look it up, if you would like, I can suggest a few places to read about this very important biblical doctrine.


  8. l3rucewayne says:

    Why do people who think truth is relative think that others should care about the relative truths they assert?


    • child of god says:

      We don’t care as long as you don’t abuse children, start wars, etc. etc.

      The problem is that fundamentalists like to fight about what’s right.

      Answer me this… why are all wars moral, but none are ethical?


  9. l3rucewayne says:

    But on your view of truth being relative, then moral truths would also be relative (a big reason why I think relativism is destructive in a society), such as abuse of children being wrong.

    Who says all wars are moral or none are ethical? Reading such an odd question makes me wonder if you are what people refer to as a troll. Is it possible you really think that such a view is mainstream or likely to be held by me?


    • child of god says:

      Did the dark knight just call me a troll?

      Just because you don’t understand the question doesn’t make it a bad question.

      Let’s start with distinguishing ethics and morals? Can you? Have you ever even considered it in your black and white little world?

      troll… sheesh… I think your tights may be riding too high.


  10. l3rucewayne says:

    No, the dark knight did not just call you a troll, and neither did I, I said I was wondering if you were one, there is a distinction.

    I have considered it, but I am often lazy and have not looked into the matter, I figured you were using the words interchangeably trying to make a point that they meant pretty much the same thing but just happened to be a different word. Since I actually am interested in understanding the distinction, I would like it if you explained what you thing the difference is between the two words in these contexts. I have a feeling that whatever your answer your question will still be an odd one in that it assumes that a view is mainstream or held by me when it is neither.

    Poking fun at ones username and using phrases along the lines of “your little world” doesn’t exactly make you seem less like a troll, nor does such rhetoric strengthen your case.


    • child of god says:

      fair enough… and for the record, it was “black and white little world” and it was an accurate assessment.

      god’s world is full of infinite possibilities… yours, it seems, is very, very finite…

      Consider the following quote I got off a church billboard…

      “An ethical life is the art of living as if everything you do and say matters”

      The point? Be Responsible. You matter.

      Morals are much different. Morals are the belief in right and wrong… and with moral questions you usually have exactly one right perspective and an infinite number of wrong perspectives. Said another way, Morality = One Right + Infinite Wrongs… now if you can remember your math… 1 + infinity equals infinity… and so, Morality IS infinitely wrong.

      cute eh?

      The key is to give up judging others and start being responsible for everything you say and do… people who think they matter tend to think other people matter too… the reason die hard fundamentalists tend not to value “the others” is because they don’t really value themselves… they value their truth more than they value life, love, etc. and that is what makes you all so toxic, violent, and ultimately dangerous.


  11. l3rucewayne says:

    Aren’t you judging “die hard fundamentalists”?

    SO you like ethics but not morality? (I confess I find the language you are using confusing.)If morality is wrong, then how is it the right thing to do to live an ethical life?

    I hope I’ve given you some good questions in this conversation to wonder about.


  12. l3rucewayne says:

    didn’t mean to capitalize SO


  13. Tom Shelton says:

    Lets consolidate this conversation over into the Open discussion thread. That way all the comments are in one thread.


  14. child of god says:

    Ethics is the thought… “What I say and do matters”
    Morals is the thought… “Almost everything is wrong”

    Morals tend to create a victim’s outlook.
    Ethics tend to create a sense of Responsibility.

    Morals are always looking out… Ethics are looking in…

    god is in you… not up in the clouds… god is in your heart.

    I’d much rather be around people who believe they matter and are therefore responsible… then the ones who think they’ve been wronged by the world, the devil, god, etc. and are searching for salvation.


  15. ariel says:

    Tom….i just stumbled on your website….and i completely agree with your stance of depravity because i have read it, studied and understand it the way you do. I also homeschool my kids, (a recent choice) because i had come to realize that I am in charge of teaching, influencing, and role modeling how to be a children that love, honor, and fear God….people that dont understand it ought to hang out in a classroom…and on the playground and see and hear for themselves what kids and their peers are discussing…its sickening and disheartening…
    its funny how people are quick to speak against parents that want to “indoctrinate” their kids with Biblical principles….i guess its better to let peers and this corrupt society indoctrinate our kids…you can never have too many confused, angry, rejected kids that do not know right from wrong…its better for our world when there are generations of kids that have abortions, have promiscuous sexual encounters, confused about their identity, size up their identity with what they see on tv and hollywood….yeah…those kind of kids are WAY better…..

    i once heard a couple of 2nd graders sizing each others self worth by what kind of cell phone they have….i once heard a mom tell me that she is going to teach her daughter that its “ok” to live with a guy before they are married because it there is nothing really wrong with it…and she doesn’t really see anything wrong with her daughter having a “boyfriend” in 2nd grade…

    so i guess its just plain wrong to not let my children have freedom to choose their path…even if that path leads to heartache and separation from God….i guess its just plain wrong to actually teach my children right from wrong and i guess im a terrible parent that i wont allow their peers to influence their self esteem because they dont have a cell phone in the second grade…shame on me for not letting the culture “indoctrinate” my children with no morals, values, or understanding who they are in context of God’s creation and purpose… child protective services on me….(the sarcasm goes to the comments from child of god)


    • Tom Shelton says:


      Well said. As Hillary Clinton said, “it takes a village” to raise our children. What a joke! Sadly, there are many who truly believe that kind of non-sense.

      Keep up the fight and God will be glorified by your efforts. Never give in to the crowds mentality…if we do then it is our children who will suffer.


  16. Bill Gaines says:

    Tom, Thank God for a Christian man willing to stand up for God and the welfare of his family. From what I have read from your tormentor who refers to himself as “Child of God” but fears to use his own name, he needs to read the “Word of God” and pray for the wisdom to understand it. He may learn that the Savior may one day say to him “Sorry, I never knew you”. Tom, your girls will thank you for loving them enough to tell them the truth. They won’t find it out in the world. When they do go to college, they will need a firm foundation to stand up to the liberal professors that are even in our “Christian” schools.


    • Tom Shelton says:


      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. As best as I can understand my biblical role as a father, I can do nothing less for my family. Leading them to develop that firm foundation is the very thing I am trying to do. Not only with my kids but also those that I teach at church. I know that when they get out in the world I can’t always be with them to protect them and fight for them so they need to have that foundation so that they can withstand the attacks that will come. And they will come. And without the foundation, they will be easily defeated and led astray…possibly for all eternity. I must do all that I can to prepare them.


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