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They are having a book giveaway over at The Lighthearted Calvinist.  The book is a commentary on Revelation.  If you are interested, click here and submit an entry.


Mohler: How To Use A Study Bible

Dr. Mohler has posted a short article on his blog discussing how to use a study bible.  It is a good article and worth taking the time to read.  If you have not used a study bible before I would encourage you to examine one.  It really helps as you to get the full picture as you read and study the text.

I have several and they are a big help when I prepare my Sunday School lessons.  The notes are useful in clarifying obscure passages or setting the scene.  The cross references are helpful in letting the Bible interpret itself.

I use a couple study bibles regularly.  I use the ESV Study Bible and the Ryrie NASB Study Bible.  I have a couple others that I use occasionally as well.  So, if you don’t already have a study bible then I suggest that you think about getting one.  Do some research and find one that bests fits your desire for translation method and check into who wrote the notes.  It will be a purchase that will give you many great returns.

Reading Psalms and Proverbs

Recently I have been drawn to reading the Psalms.  I have read them before but there is something different this time.  I seem to be able to understand more the depths the writer of the Psalms was in as he calls out to God in them.  I can see myself in the writers position as he calls out to God.  Maybe I have matured some as a Christian or maybe God is preparing me for something.  Maybe it is both.

I read a quote by Billy Graham in a story written about him in the USA Today in 2005 that I would like to share with you.  He said

“I used to read five psalms every day — that teaches me how to get along with God. Then I read a chapter of Proverbs every day and that teaches me how to get along with my fellow man.”

I had never heard that before but it is profound, at least to me.  I can see the wisdom in doing what he did.  I am thinking about trying this myself.  Psalms and Proverbs are rich sources of spiritual nourishment for the Christian.  I encourage you to partake of that nourishment.

John MacArthur & Jeff Noblit Teaching Through Ephesians Via Podcasts

It is awesome to live in a day where we have so many great preachers available to us no matter where we live.  Through the use of the internet and podcasts we can hear just about any preacher that we desire to.  John MacArthur and Jeff Noblit are two of my favorites to listen to.  I listen to both via podcast.  Currently both are teaching through the book of Ephesians.  I don’t know when the sermons were originally delivered but they are being released now.  I use iTunes to subscribe to these (and many others).  Ephesians is on of my favorite books and so far I have not been disappointed by either series.  If you are interesed you can listen to them as well.  Click here to subscribe to MacArthur’s podcasts and click here to subscribe to Noblit’s podcasts.

Need Suggestions For A Good Study Of The Book Of Revelation

I am looking for suggestions for a good study of the Book of Revelation for my adult Sunday School class.   Any format (book, audio, or video) will be considered.  Please leave the name of anything you might recommend in a comment.  A brief explanation as to why you like it would also be helpful.

Thanks for your help

John MacArthur On Why Doctrine Matters

Sound, biblical doctrine is a necessary aspect of true wisdom and authentic faith. The attitude that scorns doctrine while elevating feelings or blind trust cannot legitimately be called faith at all, even if it masquerades as Christianity. It is actually an irrational form of unbelief.

John MacArthur made this comment in this brief article over at Pulpit Magazine.  Doctrine does matter.  Doctrine is simply the truths that are taught in the Bible.  We are commanded to grow in our knowledge of the Lord.  That necessitates the study of doctrine.  As we study the Bible, we will learn its doctrines.  Don’t neglect your study of the Bible, it is vital to your spiritual maturation.