New Blogging Opportunity

I have been invited, and have agreed, to contribute to a local political blog.  My local newspaper has started a blog called All Politics is Local.  I found it one day when checking out the online version of my paper and saw a link to it.  I visited and found some posts of interest to me.  They were all written from a liberal perspective so I commented on a couple.  Then, I got an email from the author telling me that the paper had been wanting to find someone to contribute to the blog from a conservative perspective to balance out his entries.  He asked me if I would be interested in “going public” with my views.  I thought about it and the more I thought the more fun it sounded.  After exchanging some emails with the author of the posts, he sent an email to the editor of the paper recommending me.  After speaking with the editor, I am now a contributor to the blog.  I will still be blogging here but will be posting some articles there as well.

The blog in very new and I am not a trained writer but I do like to argue politics.  I look forward to the opportunity to share with those who agree with me and with those who don’t.  If you get a change, visit the blog sometime….not much there yet but there will be more soon.


Blog Milestone – 50,000 page views

I have been watching the stats closely lately knowing that this milestone was approaching.  Today it happened.  Some how, some way this blog has been viewed (page views) more than 50,000 times.  The blog is now 17 months old.  My first post was July 3, 2007.  I am humbled by the fact that people would take the time to read, and sometimes comment, on what I have shared here. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog and share your thoughts with me and others.  I have enjoyed blogging more than I anticipated and, as time allows, I plan to continue.

Thanks again.

How to improve your blogging

Have you ever thought about becomming a better blogger?  For me it is just a hobby but I would like to be competant at it at least.  I was reading this post by Justin Taylor over at Between Two Worlds on how to improve your blogging.  He was summarizing a post written by Abraham Piper.  He gives twelve tips to help you blog better.

Let me know what you think of the tips.