A Great Theological Primer

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I really enjoyed reading Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris.  Harris has written a serious theology book in a way that new or your Christians can understand.  He deals with doctrines such as God, Scripture, Jesus, the Cross, salvation, sanctification, the Holy Spirit, and the Church.

For each doctrine, Harris introduces the basics of it and then he gives examples from his life that illustrate the importance of the doctrine.  Harris does not shy away from the theological terms.  He defines them and them describes then in ways that are practical and memorable.  This method makes the teachings he gives more enjoyable to read.  Often, I think those reading the book would not realize they are being taught.

I think this book would be an excellent primer for a youth group or a new believers class.  The book includes a discussion guide for this very purpose.  I am considering having my daughters to read this book or to read it with them.  I can highly recommend this book to you.  Reading it will be time well spent.

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John Piper On How To Test (Evaluate) A Revival

Our test for every Lakeland that comes along should first be doctrinal and expositional. Is this awakening carried along by a “love for the truth” and a passion to hear the whole counsel of God proclaimed?

Can it be any clearer than that?  This quote was at the end of an article posted on his site called “Test Revival with Doctrine”.  You can read the entire post here.

Piper also says:

“True revival will be accompanied by brokenness, humility, reverence and repentance—not the arrogance, showmanship and empty hype that often was on display in Lakeland.”

Tell us what you really think John.  Do you agree with Piper’s comments?  If not, why?  How does the Lakeland Revival measure up?   I think it falls seriously short.

John MacArthur On Why Doctrine Matters

Sound, biblical doctrine is a necessary aspect of true wisdom and authentic faith. The attitude that scorns doctrine while elevating feelings or blind trust cannot legitimately be called faith at all, even if it masquerades as Christianity. It is actually an irrational form of unbelief.

John MacArthur made this comment in this brief article over at Pulpit Magazine.  Doctrine does matter.  Doctrine is simply the truths that are taught in the Bible.  We are commanded to grow in our knowledge of the Lord.  That necessitates the study of doctrine.  As we study the Bible, we will learn its doctrines.  Don’t neglect your study of the Bible, it is vital to your spiritual maturation.