Open Thread: What Does Christ’s Death On The Cross Mean To You?

Today is Good Friday and I have been thinking some about the significance of the events of this day in my life.  For those that are not familiar with Good Friday, this is the day we (Christians) celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross and what it accomplished.

I am very thankful for what Jesus did for me.  I know that He was thinking about me as He suffered for my sins.  I know that He did it willingly and with joy because He could see the reward for what He was doing.  It is hard for me to imagine what He went through.  I have read the accounts in the Bible and I have seen Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ but I can’t help but think that the reality is far worse than my mind can comprehend without seeing it first hand.  I have read some modern medical explanations of crucifixion and I am glad that I did not see it first hand.  I am more glad that I did not have to experience it firsthand.

I am most thankful that God chose to provide a way that I, in my sinful depraved state, could be reconciled to Him and that I do not have to pay for my sinfulness myself for all eternity.  It is a debt that I can never pay in full.  Christ, however, could and did pay my debt in full.  He has purchased my freedom with His blood.  He is now my Savior and my King.  If you are His, then He has done the same to you.

Christ’s death has given me freedom to be who I was designed to be in God’s plan.  It has allowed me to not fear the circumstances of my life because I know that God is in control of all things.  That does not mean that I don’t have fear or worry but it means that if I am relying on Him I don’t have to have those things.  I can now seek only to please God and not worry about anything else.  He is sovereign in my life.  Even though I fail Him, He still loves me and still works in my life.

Is He sovereign in your life?