Redemption Accomplished and Applied: by John Murray

ISBN: 0802811434
ISBN-13: 978-0802811431




Amazon.com: Ryrie Study Bible NAS Hardback- Red Letter (Ryrie Study Bibles): Books: Charles RyrieISBN: 0802438660
ISBN-13: 9780802438669


24 Responses to WHAT I AM READING

  1. Brett says:

    Excellent choice.


  2. Nigel Bruce says:

    How about The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens and Letters to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris 🙂
    If you’re faith is that strong why not really test it instead of just reading books that re-inforce you views.


    • ariel says:

      when someone wants REAL answers Nigel…one should go to the source…the source being God’s words….its funny how people who DO NOT read the Bible in its entire context…are quick to discredit it by some random authors interpretation of it….


  3. Tom says:


    I might consider reading one of these books if you would consent to reading a book that I picked for you. How strong is your faith?


  4. creek says:

    wow pink is awesome. get a book called the nature of God by pink. its 2 books in one. very worth it.

    Do you Hit many Puritans? ( i work in a bookstore email me and i will try to hook you up with a mail order with a discount)


  5. royingle says:

    I hope you enjoy the ESV as much as I do. It is a great translation.


  6. Tom says:


    Yes, I enjoy the ESV very much. I teach out of it but I study out of it and the NASB both primarily.


  7. hughvic says:

    I find it wonderful that in only the past 40 years or so there have emerged several excellent, accurate translations of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into accessible, intuitive English. Exegetes use them all, and respect them all. However, a caveat: there are now many Bibles billing themselves falsely as English Language translations when in fact they are mere paraphrases, stylizations of previous translations or even of paraphrases in turn of translations. And these downstream, derivative paraphrases usually are ignorant, corrupted and even tendentious perversions of the original texts, intended to serve purposes other than to put English-speaking non-classicists into touch, as directly as possible and without opaque or purposeful mediation, with the ancient texts. The most ubiquitous of these non-translations is the New World Bible, published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, the hidden hierarchy of Jehovah’s Witnesses. While it bills itself as a translation, it is in fact a paraphrase of and gloss on the great Revised Standard Version, variously expurgated, bowdlerized and embellished to suit the purposes of that organization. The New World paraphrase is only one extreme example of Biblical corruptions offered as “translations”. There are, alas, more such titles every year.

    Protestants should note that as they have no equivalent of the Vatican Holy Office to serve as a clearinghouse, it will be incumbent upon the various units of the denominations, e.g. Bishoprics, Synods, Conventions, Presbyteries, congregations, individual believers, to vet the metastasizing titles purporting Biblical accuracy. You’re on your own.

    I’m not sure that Professor Luther wouldn’t have wanted it that way.

    A word to the wise, sisters and brothers.


    • Why not get a good Greek text and make your own interlinear thinking through each word as you type all 135000 words to find out how many words are left out, how many are added where no word exist. Begin by learning the small words in Greek and the bigger words fill in for themselves your mind already has the grammar built in. Learn the words like (kai ek meta noia and a few more and you are on your way to understanding the Greek. Here is a hint for the words in Greek. The words read with the eyes left to right while the meaning reads right to left such as ton= being the one tou =of the one ek kleesian =being the ones invite out Christou =of the one Anointed Christon =being the one Anointed Christos =as the one Anointed Find out how many words are not translated but transliterated meaning they are brought to the English without translation such as baptize or apostle and many more words. Find out that there are verses that are split meaning part is one verse and part in the next. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever is a split verse. Then there are the reversed verses such as God loves a hillarous giver and many more. Then there are the words that the catholic latin words are used without translation, Then you will find the changes where in one book the word is translated nations but in the book somewhere as gentiles. Then you can find the words that the same word is used for two different Greek words in the same verse. A lot of strange things go on with church translators to preserve the errors of the past translators for fear of the church and of course the money being made on each new translation It is not as challenging as you might think when you get into it. I had to create my own font by modifiing a True Type to be able to print it out at the same time as printing English text to go with it. I wished I could type for you in my font but it will come up as English letters here or as blanks in webpages. But in a word processor it works fine I have type the complete NT along with Romanized letters for each Greek letter and filled in the meanings. Try it and you will be reward for your effort by learning the meaning of the verses and the books not what they want you to beleive such as Paul was an apostle to the gentiles.

      Hope you the best of success as you type all 135000 words mine is two volumes of 250 pages in the three languages. You will make mistakes and have to go back and make corrections as the meaning become better understood.

      Jerry Collins


  8. Brad Beaman says:

    How do you create this “what I am reading” page? Is there something on Amazon you paste into the page to get the picture of the book? Is this a widget?


  9. hughvic says:

    Roy, If you can swing it, look on eBay or Amazon for a used Parallel [Xian] Bible, or else for a Parallel Old Testament or New Testament. You’ll be able to pick, say, four of the translations you’d most wish to compare, e.g. the ESV, KJV, and a couple more of your choosing, and have a given pericope printed in columns of four translations to a page, to afford side-by-side analysis. This can be done online, of course, but needless to say that’s not the same as owning a book. The cost should be about the same as that of a good used Strong’s Concordance; so, expensive, but not very.


  10. Tom says:


    I used Windows Live Writer. It has a plug-in for Amazon that does it. I am sure there is probably a way to do it directly but I don’t know it.


  11. Tom says:


    You can do the same thing with E-sword


  12. hughvic says:

    Thanks, Tom! I almost never use the same comparator twice, and so have been very much in the market for recommendations.


  13. Stephen says:

    @Nigel Bruce,

    those books you have recommended have been read and all I can say is those books are a joke concerning scholarly work. And poorly defends the atheistic worldview. Let me recommend you a book though, and perhaps you could be well studied from the Christian perspectives, “He is There and He is Not Silent” by Francis Schaeffer.


  14. Chuck Geer says:

    Tom, I too am reading through Calvin’s Institutes. Definitely NOT lightweight reading!


  15. Steve says:


    You might like Theology of the Body – http://www.theologyofthebody.com.

    Also, how about some of the early Church Fathers from the first centuries of Christianity?




  16. Tom Shelton says:


    I will check out the link. thanks for providing it. Which early church fathers would you recommend? I have only in the last couple years started reading non-contemporary authors so I am open to suggestions.


  17. Tony Hedrick says:

    As I said, “theological legaism.” Here’s proof. look at what you are reading. I am reading Piper, Spurgeon, Stott, Pratt, Chan and Tozer all at the same time. “No prophesy of Scripture comes by any private interpretation. It is too much about j.c. and not enough about J.C.. As a simple friend of mine said, “The problem with deception is that it deceives.”

    Calvinists stop reading anything other than party line. Their shelves eventaually empty of any other views. They consider everyone else heretics or only walking in half light. I wonder what would have happened if you might have stumbled on to some other doctrinal distinction first. It’s an island brother. I have Brethren friends who will only read Schofield.


    • Tom Shelton says:

      I have read many anti-Calvinist books too.


      • Tony Hedrick says:

        Perhaps, but allow me to peruse your book shelves.


        • Tom Shelton says:

          Here is partial list of my books:

          1. Arminian Theology by Olson
          2. Chosen But Free by Geisler
          3. Grace, Faith, & Freewill by Picirilli
          4. Debating Calvinism by Hunt & White
          5. Why I am Not a Calvinist by Walls & Dongell

          On my Google Reader I have many Arminian blogs, including:

          1. Classical Arminianism
          2. Arminian Perspectives
          3. Examining Calvinism
          4. Comba(t)ting The Doctrines of Grace
          5. Roger E Olson’s blog
          6. Society of Evangelical Arminians


  18. Tony Hedrick says:

    Cool… You seem to have your head on right. I can introduce you to many who don’t. I have made my point and you have benn decent, kind and fair. By the way, thanks for not calling me any names and telling me that I was likely going to burn in hell because I viewed sovereignty and predestination in a different way. You’ve turned out to be a very pleasant Calvinist.



    • Besides reading religious books try reading something that reveals the hand of God in the world of the last 60 years and see what God has done for his people in a time of distress.
      1) The Enigma War by Jozef Garlinski
      2) Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson
      3) Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright by J, H. Allen
      4) The Stone Kingdom America by E. Raymond Capt
      5) The Drama of the Lost Disciples by George F. Jowett
      6) The book of Jubilees by Rev. George H. Schodde, Ph.d
      7) The book of Jasher
      8) The Lost Chapter of Acts of the apostles
      9) The Great Pyramid Decoded by E. Raymond Capt
      10) http://www.scripture4all.org/ An interlinear with a good search engine of both Greek and the English and it is free and spam free. It covers both the OT and NT
      More Books are listed on my web page Do not be afraid to read and reject all that does not align itself with the word of God such as the LDS King James versiion or the Koran get to know your enemy not those that agree with you.

      Jerry Collins


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