Obama’s Plans Refuted In “Wizard of Id” Cartoon


Is that question above his pay-grade also?

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62 Responses to Obama’s Plans Refuted In “Wizard of Id” Cartoon

  1. Doug says:

    This cartoon would be funny if it actually had any basis in FACT! If anyone believes that Obama is offering free health care, clothing, etc.. they surely have no idea of what the man is really about. Truly socialists societies laugh at our ignorant labelling of Obama as a “socialist”!

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    • Tomato Cain says:

      Yes Doug, I’m sure they are all laughing at us now.

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      • jetmech says:

        Obama is NOT a socialist! He is more conservative than Ronald Reagan!
        Where do you get this idea from?
        Name any Bill Senate or Congress
        that supports your view of Obama “the socialist”
        Listening to Rush Limbaugh and Faux (News)?
        When pressed to name legislation You can not deliver!
        Many parts of “Obamacare” are Republican compromises!
        Like the part about “all americans must buy health care”
        look it up.
        Quit quoting unreliable BS like Faux News and Rush Limpd_ck!

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        • peachy says:

          Obamacare got ZERO Republican votes. It was written entirely behind closed doors by Democrats. There are NO Republican compromises. The only compromises are between moderate and liberal Democrats.

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    • SailFree says:

      Except maybe Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland…pretty much all those collapsing European socialist countries that have promised too many bennies…

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    • Nobama says:

      Yeah quit with the short label! The accurate label is: “Socialist-Marxist-Communist-Fascist-Nazi- Dictator”.

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    • LB says:

      do you still feel this way?

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    • AskWY says:

      Hah! Surely it is NOT free. Those who work will be PAYING for those who don’t…just like it is now, except that his cafeteria of policies will shrink the workforce until no one is paying and everyone is needing to be supported. Hello!

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  2. Tom Shelton says:

    That may be the case Doug but the fact is that Obama has been promising everything to everybody. That is why the cartoon is so funny.

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  3. Sue says:

    This cartoon could actually be more FACT than FICTION! There is an organization that has a plan to provide free food, housing and health care to ALL.

    And the answer to the little blurb “…then what do we need jobs for”.

    People will still need money to buy cars, TV’s, vacations, etc. Greed and capitalism will still flourish (that’s human nature)! :-)

    But just imagine….what if your housing was paid for…your food was paid for (just healthy food, if you want M&M’s you’ll have to buy them yourself), what if your health care was totally paid for?

    Can you just imagine the stress relief? Can you imagine how much more money would be available from each of your pay checks to BUY STUFF (ie stimulate the economy)

    The plan WILL WORK! And if enough people can just unite together and get this plan in front of our New President Elect…then just maybe we can have a chance for peace and equality in this world.

    Relieve the stress of survival…and people will find HAPPINESS!

    Check out the PLAN at http://wwunited.org

    May there ONE DAY truly be: NO POOR AMONG US!

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    • Skevvy says:

      If my food, housing, health care was paid for by whom?

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      • jetmech says:

        Your employer as it is now so!
        Which actually boils down to YOU!
        All Right lets get down to brass tacks
        we middle class (mechanics, firefighters, police, laborers, carpenters etc) are fighting amongst ourselves to get the crumbs the billionaires drop.
        If you are satisfied with that existence then by all means vote republican!
        I am not willing to stand by while these billionaire ceo corporate thieves rob us blind while WE fight amongst ourselves!
        America was not created to be the haven of billionaires it was created to end tyranny!
        And any wealthy group that tries to grab power from the people has historically been defeated!
        So the Billionaires can get EXPONENTIALLY more wealthy and powerful?
        And you would vote for this?
        Shame on you!
        We fought so many wars and so many enemies to just give our country away to the rich and powerful?
        In Florida we elected a ceo that STOLE billions from medicare and invoked the 5th amamenmnet

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    • Skevvy says:

      Imagine we ALL live in Cuba

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      • Tom Shelton says:

        Cuba: You mean that utopian island paradise that stands as an example of everything we can be if we just keep instituting Obama’s agenda. :-)

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    • SailFree says:

      Why stop there? Why not free cars and big screen TVs? But seriously, meanwhile, back at the ranch, who’s working to PAY FOR EVERYTHING? Where do you think the government gets its money?

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    • Sue… If my housing and food and healthcare were all paid for by the government… that would mean the people of the U.S. were paying for all of these things for each other with taxes. Tax rates would be even more ridiculous than they are now. So no, you wouldn’t have more money in your paycheck to BUYSTUFF to stimulate the economy. You would have less. This is called Socialism. It is failing across Europe. Your entire comment is extremely naive.

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    • Thomas says:

      What planet are you from?
      Look, here on earth, you cannot base an economic philosophy on stealing from savings accounts of those who are frugal and hardworking to give to those who don’t like school or “working for the man”. Eventually, there will be no more savings or savers left to steal from.
      The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.
      Like being on a small island with 100 people — the amount of food and housing and saving is directly attributable to the amount of hours and productivity that the total population invests. If 1 or 2 people sit on thier asses all day, the other 98 will probably notice but keep working. But, when the number of asses being sat on (i.e. people with very much stress relief) gets to 30, then 50, the workers slow to a crawl and start insisting that those who do not produce get less or nothing.
      But, then the ass sitters ask, “Why does he get to live in that really cool shack while I’m out here on the beach in the cold rain?” If the calls for “benefits” get too loud, then the producers start looking for ways to get off the island….and they start pulling back on their “common efforts” due to the uncommon effort being put forth by all the receivers of the fruits of that effort.

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    • ARRRGH! says:

      Sue Hasn’t a Clue!!

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    • Theresa says:

      Go visit an Indian Reservation. Free food, housing, health care, transportation, medication, cell phones, utilities. Oh yeah. They’re livin’ large. I’ve worked there. I’ve actually seen what this so-called utopia does to people. It paralyzes them. It entraps them. They lose all sense of any self worth and motivation. And they feel enslaved by the very government “giving” them all of this because they can not find it in themselves to break free. They pass this feeling of impotence and onto their children. They cannot even teach their children how to be self-reliant because THEY were never taught. Yeah buddy, it’s friggin heaven.

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    • This has been tried – you will get your allowance of calories or a block of government cheese every week. Everyone will end up in poverty except for the governing elite. THis has been proven time and again by history.

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  4. Julie says:

    People fail to realize that “working by the sweat of one’s brow (or pain in childbirth)” was a “CURSE”!

    Which of your children did you create to go without clean water, shelter, food or die from a curable disease but for the want of accessible, affordable (is there such a thing?) health care?

    Or to be slaughtered and your body left by the side of the road to rot for your children to view daily?

    We need to be more compassionate to ALL people of the world.

    What does it mean to “do unto others as you would have them to unto you”….if YOU were in the same situation—if not provide the basic necessities for free?

    Isn’t that what Christ say when he said, “feed the hungry, clothe the naked…” etc?

    How can any of us be truly happy as long as any child sleeps without a shelter from the elements, or enjoy three meals a day?

    Go Worldwide United Foundation!!

    (PS to the moderator…you’re welcomed to c/p this to your theology site)

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    • I’m all for charity decided on an individual basis or by private non profit organizations… but trying to force the entire nation to take care of everyone is not freedom. It’s forced charity, and when the government gets involved in anything it wastes resources to an alarming degree. There is also such a thing as being good stewards of your wealth and rendering it to the gov to help people has proven not to be in that category.

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  5. Tom Shelton says:


    Sounds great. I have not yet looked at the website but I will soon. In the meantime, I wanted to mention that there is just one small problem with this scenario. Someone has to provide the housing, someone has to produce the food, someone has to provide the healthcare and those people are going to want to be paid for their efforts. Where does that money come from? Your probably would say that the people could pay higher taxes since they are not spending the money for these things. If that is your answer, then people are actually paying for these things…just not directly.

    The other obvious problem is that the people will no longer be willing to work more than what is needed to provide for their wants…since their needs are all covered. This will destroy productivity and the initiative that Americans are known for. We can’t let that happen.

    I am sure that once I look at the website I will find many other areas that are a problem and if I have time I will comment on them as well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  6. Monica says:

    I have to agree with Sue.

    I read the plan at wwunited.org and believe it could work. If everyone’s needs were met, people would be able to do “other things,” like go on vacation, buy a big screen TV, or a new car. Some may not want to have a job at first, but once their expendable cash ran out, they would be WANTING to work so they could get more money to buy the things they want.

    The economy would flourish!! And employers would treat their employees better because they would know that the people would not HAVE to work, but are there by choice. PLUS, employees would be better workers, because they could choose the job they WANT.

    As a result of “hope” (and actual capital and ACTION to back it–free food and shelter for instance) being injected into society, terrorism would decrease, as would poverty, obesity, hatred, and more.


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    • MO says:

      You are living in a dream world. It’s been tried throughout the twentieth century and has failed spectacularly EVERY time.

      Why do you people have so much hubris that you think you can perform what others have failed at?

      Ask yourself (if you are a christian) did christ say;


      Why would people ever want to work harder when there is such a high baseline? Why do you think socialism fails? There is NO motivation for the innovative people in this country that create wealth and jobs and well being ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

      If you take that motivation away is it going to REALLY make your life better? no longer will you be self dependant you will have to depend on the kindness of an omnipotent GOVERNMENT! How the hell is that a good thing?

      When has an omnipotent government ever produced good? It’s PEOPLE and INDIVIDUALS that create the greatest good in the world not government. Government is the problem, NOT THE SOLUTION!

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    • ARRRGH! says:

      Sue / Monica, and others:
      You are all living in a dream world if you think this way.
      In 1620 the Pilgrims also believed that way. Every one of them had to pitch in for everyone’s benefit, if not the offender would be placed in the Pillory

      (For those of you who don’t know what a Pillory is, the definition: A wooden framework on a post, with holes for the head and hands, in which offenders were formerly locked to be exposed to public scorn as punishment.)

      And, it worked. For a short while! But, one of them got tired of working, thought that he was doing more than his fair share! So, he slowed down. Then another, then, one stopped working.
      The result: he was placed in the Pillory. Soon, there weren’t enough Pillories for the offenders.

      The Pilgrims’ plan didn’t work! So, they changed their ways!

      And, it won’t work today!!!

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  7. Tom Shelton says:


    I would love for you and Sue to be right but you are not. It would not work like you say it would. To be sure, there would be some who would do exactly what you have described but the masses would simple sit back and demand that they be given these things be given to them as well.

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  8. Sue says:

    Tom, your question about money is the first one that always comes up. You’ll find the answer to it on the website. :-)

    Ask yourself…where did/does the US come up with all the money to pay for this war that’s been going on for several years now, and most likely for several more? Have your taxes gone up?

    You stated, “…people will no longer be willing to work more than what is needed to provide for their wants…”

    Peoples “wants” are HUGE! And as they realize the struggle to survive paycheck to paycheck is over…they will be able to dream again…and their “want” list will only increase.

    What if I “want” a luxury vehicle that would cost me $800 a month to lease? Well that’s way less than my rent payment. And if I knew my housing was secure I could now afford it. How cool would it be to make my dream of “wanting” a luxury car a reality? Wouldn’t I want to keep working so that I could fulfill my “dream” ?

    Monica is right…the economy will flourish! The American Dream will keep people motivated.

    No more stress…no more fear…just knowing that no matter what happens, you and your family will always have the necessities of life!

    Visit the website…your questions will be answered.

    You can visit the WUF Yahoo Group to participate in a discussion there as well. I’ve posted a link to the cartoon, and your blog.


    So if you do indeed “find problems” with the plan…that would be the place to discuss it. :-)

    Best Regards,


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    • Sue, we are getting the money for all of our wars by borrowing it from other nations and printing more of our thusly causing inflation. Where do you think we get the money? WE DON’T HAVE IT. Look at our national deficit. Please get a basic understanding of economics, it will do you good.

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    • Bob says:


      There is a place like that where all those things are provided (housing, food, clothing and health care). It COSTS the American taxpayer about $40,000 a year per INMATE!

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  9. Sue, how is all this working over in the Soviet Union? Can you give us an update? I haven’t heard anything in 20 years, so I guess it is working great.

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  10. Dave Williams says:


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  11. Aaron says:

    “Isn’t that what Christ say when he said, “feed the hungry, clothe the naked…” etc?”

    Yes, people are supposed to help each other out. No where does it say Jesus supports the government seizing property by force and redistributing it.

    Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

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    • MO says:


      If we remove the act of giving from individuals to the omnipotent government, people stop caring about each other.

      This also has happened in EVERY socialist/communist society. It doesn’t work, get over it. Work hard and produce for yourself and then if you WANT give all your extra above what you need to those who need more. There are rich capitalists who have chosen of their own free will to do so.

      But free will isn’t enough for you socialists, you want to steal from everyone and let the government decide who is the neediest.

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  12. Bob says:

    I am afraid that Sue and Monica have ungrounded ideals, and a huge hole in what they perceive is possible. Let’s start with the fundamentals, as Tom alluded to: if all of the basics are provided, someone has to work to provide the basics. So let’s assume that Joe The Plumber is provided with his “free” necessities. Someone DOES have to pay for them, so it’s either going to be the first thing that Joe is taxed on, or it is going to be shouldered by “everyone else”. But Joe is one of the citizens, and thus the template for all is: all of your income is taxed until you pay for your free necessities, then you are taxed until you pay for your share of support of free necessities for all other people who have not made enough money to pay for their own. Then you have some disposable income to buy M&Ms. Oh, but wait — don’t forget to add taxes to pay for the government staff and organizations that are operating this free program. So who wants to sit in the park and wait for their next meal and who wants to work?

    One more comment to Julie and Aaron: what you speak of with credit to Christ was towards those who could not provide for themselves. But don’t forget that He said that the poor will always be with us. And Proverbs says many times in many ways that if a man will not work, he shall not eat.

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    • Thomas says:

      People like Sue and Monica are delusional. They truly think that money DOES grow on trees, that it can fall from the sky (or the government) and remove stress. It’s magic money. It needs no source and it needs no hours of work to produce it – to store value into it. It just happens.
      That’s why this country is in the shape it is.
      People like Sue and Monica that voted for a talking head like Obama — a person that has been dipped in socialist “your poverty is the fault of someone who stole your money from you” rhetoric, that truly belives in his soul that capitalism is the cause of all evil, wars, and poverty — not bad people with guns, not sociopaths, and not people who do not know – or will not learn – how to work in as efficient a manner as possible, be it throwing a football better than anyone else or in cooking a steak so well that people will drive 30 miles to get to your restaurant.

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  13. JR says:

    It’s amazing how people laughed at the Bush jokes regardless of whether or not they were factual. Obama’s your new president, and he and Biden will be the new faces you see in comic strips. Get used to it.

    I think the strip is hilarious and totally pin points how he has been promising the world to everyone, which raises the question…

    If everyone is going to be covered regardless of whether they work or not, then why work? Or at least…why aspire to be anything more than what you are?

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  14. tompccs says:

    People aspire to a little more than minimum food, clothing and healthcare. Those aspirations are the incentive.

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  15. ChrisK says:

    What our government has effectively done is make slaves of its people through handouts. Where is the pride in working a day’s work, and being responsible for ones debt?

    The idea that housing should be free presents a problem. I want the six bedroom house with the swimming pool, and I’m sure so does everyone else. Who is going to end up with the mobile home? And we want housing to be free so we have money to spend on expensive cars and big screen TVs? Good grief! I remember a time when my husband and I were so poor we didn’t have a TV! Oh my gosh! We actually had to spend time together as a family, playing board games, reading books, just talking.

    Government was not designed by our forefathers to be our sugar daddy.

    Be free from the love of money and pleased with the things which you have; for he himself has said, I will be with you at all times. – Hebrews 13:5

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  16. Maxwell Smart says:

    He’s proving to be exactly what we were worried he would be and after reading some of the responses written by the kool-aid drinking liberals here, I feel like I need a shower.

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    • Tom Shelton says:


      Worse, I think. Obama is running as far left as he can as fast as he can get there. He is trying to socialize our country. It is sad really because the greatness of our country is being destroyed in the process.

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    • MO says:

      You are right Maxwell:

      “Ecclesiastes 1:8-10 (New International Version)

      8 All things are wearisome,
      more than one can say.
      The eye never has enough of seeing,
      nor the ear its fill of hearing.

      9 What has been will be again,
      what has been done will be done again;
      there is nothing new under the sun.

      10 Is there anything of which one can say,
      “Look! This is something new”?
      It was here already, long ago;
      it was here before our time.”

      Socialism has been tried before, even before Marx called it such. It’s failed every single time, yet these people have the hubris and “audacity” to think that they can succeed where others have failed.

      I think we (with common sense and historical knowledge) know that Obama will fail…

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  17. Bethany says:

    What is being proposed by the world wide united foundation is more than just impractical, as has been pointed out, but is also not biblical! We are supposed to take care of those who need help as a community of believers, preferring and sacrificing for one another. But this plan is supposed to some how give everyone the right to go buy what they don’t need, so that they can be happier. Well, I gotta tell you folks, nice dreaming, but certainly not what Jesus taught!

    It’s that kind of thinking that has lead America into the sorry shape that it is in economically, politically, and ideologically! Hate to say it, but the American Dream was killed once the money that I worked for was taking away to be given to those who refuse to work!

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  18. reality bites says:

    It is interesting because when the pilgrims first came here they actually lived much like what is being proposed. They put all there produce in a community store and they all took what they “needed”. But soon they realized that some weren’t producing hardly anything and others were producing alot. This is when they decided each would keep the fruits of their own labor and barter for what they needed. Capitilism was born and works amazingly well, if government would not interfere and use our tax dollars for what they were intended….infrastructure, defense (or war as the protestors say), and other necessities. This is the true story of Thanksgiving….the birth of capitilism.

    Can I get cigarettes or alcohol in your fantasy free store? Cause I have lung cancer and bad liver and no one will give me health insurance…….

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  19. Rob Collier says:

    It’s Funny
    The U.S Used to have some Slaves
    Then the U.S. got rid of Slavery
    Now we are gleefully giving up our rights
    so we can all be in slavery.

    I am old enough to know that I do not have long to live And I count this as a blessing. But I mourn for the next generations that may never know true freedom, And have to beg from the government for the scraps that are thrown them.

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  20. Ed Darrell says:

    The idea that housing should be free presents a problem.

    Not part of anything Obama’s proposed. WWUnited has no connection with Obama, nor has the Obama administration offered any hint it even knows this group exists.

    Not that accuracy appears to be a concern here, but still . . .

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  21. em says:

    “A government big enough to give you what you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” ~ Gerald Ford

    And for me, the basic principle of what is wrong with all of Obama’s plans are the simple fact that he’s trying to take away our right to free agency. Our choice. Instead of citizens making their own decisions about how to spend their money, he’s making the decisions for us. Defend your right to choose.

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  22. Vanessa says:

    I love the id and always will . It’s that part of the human character that can not be easily hidden .
    ha,ha,ha,ha,ha .

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  23. Melanie Woltman says:

    Hmmm. The reference to Christ is good, but it’s only being interpreted in part. Yes, we are called to feed the hungry, etc., but it doesn’t say to “take from others to feed the hungry.” Giving to “feed the hungry” should be of each person’s choosing. It was never, in it’s Biblical reference, that the government should decide how we give. The Bible also says that we should each “give according to what is in our hearts, and that if we give, not out of love, it profits noone.” Let us decide for ourselves how we want to give in charitable fashion. I think a lot more people would give a lot more of their own free will if the government would not mandate that we give charity.

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    • Tomato Cain says:

      Well stated, Melanie. Personally, I was never much impressed with politicians who win votes based on how much and what kind of charity the government can impose on the working person.

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      • jetmech says:

        Yep very christian of you!
        Throw them out in the street to eat from garbage if ye so choose!
        What christian idea or Bible quote is that from?

        If ye so choose then throw them out to starve !
        Very Christian!
        Mitt Romney verse one?

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        • Tom Shelton says:


          You seem very angry…why is that? Why are you so upset about welfare? Do you enjoy working and paying taxes that the government then gives to able bodied people who refuse to work? I don’t!! Why are these people not providing for themselves and their families? Why are you not upset at them for being lazy?

          As for the Bible, we are taught to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. We, the families of these people, are taught to do this….it is not the government’s responsibility to do this. Second, for those who refuse to work the Bible has words of wisdom also. It says: “For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10 ESV). It is these people that I and many others have problems with……I work hard and barely provide the necessities for my family. What I make should not be forcibly taken from me (via taxes) and given to those who are not willing to also work to provide for their families.

          So, if you are going to assert how Christians should behave then please get it right. Otherwise, you should refrain from such assertions.

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  25. jetmech says:

    yah work sixteen hours a day and buy your stuff at the company store!
    Elect Mitt Romney!
    Get rid of the minimum wage!
    ARE you retarded?
    What do you think this billionaire a__hole will do to you?
    Okay Obama is Black!
    And Mitt Romney is a tea party white BILLIONAIRE who does not care if you live or die!
    So we have to shoot ourselves (the middle class) to make sure that someone on food stamps is cut off?
    So you are willing to get rid of MEDICAID, MEDICARE, SOCIAL SECURITY, Work 16 hour days at below minimum wage JUST to “GET” these people?

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    • jetmech says:

      You people are F__ING nuts!
      lets shoot ourselves and get rid of the 40 hour work week and minimum wage to “GET” these people!
      Throw them out in the “streets”
      So we can put them in prison?
      A “‘privatised” prison?
      How much is THAT gonna cost?
      Keep listening to fox noise network!

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    • Tom Shelton says:


      If you think Romney is a TEA party guy then you are woefully misinformed. Romney is an establishment candidate. He has been dragged kicking and screaming to the conservative positions he now holds and he better stay true to them once he gets into office. Most of us that will cast a ballot for him will not be doing so because we want him. He will be the recipient of our vote because we are voting to fire Obama.

      As to your reference to the ending of the entitlement programs you mention…stop being an idiot. No one has proposed that but many have proposed reforming them so that they will do what they were supposed to do without bankrupting our country.

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