God’s Sovereignty Is The Basis Of Evangelism

Have you ever considered on what basis Christians can evangelize the lost?  Now think about it a moment before you blurt out something like “because God tells us to”.  That is a true, God does indeed command us to evangelize but that does not address the basis for the evangelism.  So, what is the basis?

Alan Kurschner answers this question in this post over at Alpha & Omega Ministries.  He starts this way

God’s sovereign election is the only basis by which any believer has confidence to evangelize the lost. We do not know who the elect are in this lifetime, but what we do know with certainty is that there are elect out there.

All Christians, if they believe the Bible, must agree with this.  Read the rest of Alan’s post to see how he further explains this.  Let me know what you think.


3 Responses to God’s Sovereignty Is The Basis Of Evangelism

  1. Abel Ramirez says:

    Please read this article on the doctrine of election:


    God Bless!



  2. Tom Shelton says:


    More non-sense. You can’t just forget about the NT. All Scripture is God-breathed. The proper way to interpret the OT is the way the NT does it….the way Jesus and the Apostles interpret it. Anything else and you are wrong. So, stop discounting the NT and read the OT in light of the NT and you will be back on the right track.


  3. Tom Shelton says:

    First, our interpretation of the OT must be the same as Jesus and the Apostles did in the NT. Jesus understood the OT context perfectly and he is the one we should follow. Starting with the NT will only lead to error.

    Next, please tell me where in the OT we see Jesus incarnate. There are a couple places where theologians think he may have appeared as “the angel of the Lord” but never as Jesus. Second, were was he married in the OT. If he did not appear incarnate in the OT he could not have been married.

    As for Paul, he was designated the apostle to the gentiles. He addressed them all the time. His letters to Timothy are just one example. His letter to the Galatians are another.

    You still have not answered my question about where you are getting this non-sense. Who is teaching this stuff? I urge you to repent of these false teachings and come to God on his terms. He can heal you and bring you into a right relationship with him.


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